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Enemies refers to the creatures (mobs) that occupy the pyramids of Immortal Redneck and attack the player upon entering a room.

There are a total of 40 basic enemy types in Immortal Redneck. Each has its own style of movement, method of attack, and level of aggression.

Enemy Characteristics[]

Health & Defense[]

Each Enemy has a Base Health stat, which determines how much damage the Enemy can take before being defeated. Most Enemies will fall to the ground and crumble into sand when the player does enough damage to them (the only exception is Kafele, which explode on death).

At the beginning of each Floor of a pyramid, the player will be told by what percentage the Base Health of each enemy has been adjusted. This percentage increases on each floor. Furthermore, these percentages start higher on the 2nd and 3rd pyramids, as well as the Infinite Tower.

Enemies also have a Base Defense stat, which reduces the amount of damage an incoming attack does to the Health.


Each Enemy has a Base Attack stat, determining how much damage their attacks do to the player's Health (adjusted by player Defense). Like Base Health, this amount is adjusted by a certain percentage, which the player can see at the start of each floor.

Enemies have a variety of ways to launch their attacks. Here are common examples:

  • Melee: Melee enemies approach the player and attempt to strike them with a close ranged attack.
  • Rammer: Rammers will charge the player and do damage upon contact.
  • Shooter: Shooters try to hit the player with a ranged attack moving in a straight line.
  • Launcher: Launchers will fire their ranged attacks in a parabolic arc (e.g. grenades, mortars).
  • Sprayer: Sprayers fire a number of projectiles in a short period of time. The attack pattern is usually chaotic and capable of making an area difficult to navigate safely.
  • Horde: Horde enemies spawn and move in chaotic "gangs", attempting to harass the player with their numbers.

Movement & Aggression[]

Enemies have varying levels of aggression and movement. Learning each enemy type's preferred method of movement and aggression is key to prioritizing targets.

Enemies are always aggressive the moment they see the player, however some enemies are Hunters, meaning they always know where the player is, and will make every attempt to attack the player no matter where they are in the room. If a Hunter can fly, it will typically use the most direct route to reach the player. Ground-based Hunters will always try to reach the player, but can get stuck or confused if the player is unreachable (e.g. on a platform they can't access or airborne during an extended bout of multi-jumping).

Generally speaking, there are five ways an Enemy moves around:

  • Stationary: The enemy either doesn't move at all or seldom moves away from its spawn point.
  • Walk/Patrol: The enemy wanders around (if able), and will only seek the player if they see the player.
  • Hover: The enemy moves slowly through the air.
  • Fly: The enemy moves quickly through the air.
  • Teleport: A few enemies can disappear from their starting point and reappear in a different point in the same room.

Loot Drops[]

Enemies have a chance of dropping loot when defeated. Most loot will disappear if not picked up right away, although there are Scrolls that can counter this effect.

Enemies have a hidden Base Drop Multiplicator stat which governs how likely they are to drop loot. Scrolls and effects which increase the likelihood of loot drops affect this stat.

Here are the loot types:

  • Gold: Gold is used at the Skill Tree to purchase upgrades and Favors. It is the main path of character progression in Immortal Redneck. Gold can also be spent at the Merchant's tent (once it's unlocked) in exchange for Amulets, the ability to start a run with Scrolls, and the option to replay a pyramid using the same random seed. Enemies have a Gold Drop stat that governs how much gold they are likely to drop when defeated.
  • Steak: Steaks restore a player's Health. The amount of Health restored depends on the level of the player's Steak Upgrade.
  • Ammo: There are two sizes of Ammo box, a small one and a large one. The amount of Ammo restored depends on the progress of the player's Better Ammo upgrade. Picking up an Ammo box refills ammo for all weapons the player holds, the notable exception is that the SFG 9000 can only be reloaded by large Ammo Boxes.
  • Scrolls & Weapons: Rarely, Enemies will drop Scrolls and Weapons when defeated. Unlike other loot, Scrolls and Weapons will typically remain until the player leaves the Floor.

List Of Enemies[]

Portrait Name Pyramid Brief Description
Agra1.png Agra 3 A slow-floating rammer shaped like a blue box
Agrazo1.png Agrazo 3 A slow-floating rammer shaped like a red box
Alchafar1.png Alchafar 1,2,3 A slow-floating shooter that teleports when attacked
Amazon1.png Amazon 1,2,3 A patrolling arrow shooter with the head of a jackal
Archer1.png Archer 1,2,3 A patrolling arrow shooter with the head of a jackal
Azghabbbat1.png Azghabbbat 2,3 A slow-floating patrol shooter shaped like a head with tentacles
BigFrog1.png Big Frog 1,2 A horde creature that looks like a big red frog
Bulgur1.png Bulgur 2,3 A patrolling energy launcher that looks like a one-eyed mummy
Chichiuken1.png Chichiuken 2,3 An energy shooting servant creature resembling a small flightless bird
Chthon1.png Chthon 3 A small patrolling energy sprayer with an armored head
DarkPriest1.png Dark Priest 1,2,3 A slow patrolling energy sprayer resembling an orc cleric
Degnah1.png Degnah 1,2,3 A hanging energy launcher that resembles a one-eyed mummy on a pole
FlyingDemon1.png Flying Demon 1,2,3 A slow-hovering fireball shooter resembling a small stocky demon
FlyingSkull1.png Flying Skull 1,2,3 A swift-flying rammer resembling a winged purple skull
Gen1.png Gen 1,2,3 A pest-like swarmer that looks like a small one-eyed critter
GenNest1.png Gen Nest 1,2,3 A stationary pile of junk that spawns Gen when damaged
Grenadier1.png Grenadier 1,2,3 A grenade launching creature resembling a short green minotaur
GrenadierSargent1.png Grenadier Sargent 1,2,3 A grenade launching creature resembling a short purple minotaur
Illuminati1.png Illuminati 3 A slow-hovering laser shooter that looks like an upside down pyramid
Jimkambi1.png Jimkambi 2,3 A spawner and energy shooter that looks like a bird-headed priest
Kafele1.png Kafele 2,3 A suicide exploder/projectile thrower that resembles a spiked ball
Kersik1.png Kersik 2,3 A melee hunter that looks like an armored lizard warrior with a morningstar
Krull1.png Krull 3 A hovering patrol unit and energy projector that resembles a ghost-like lizard warlock
Moby1.png Moby 1,2,3 A small energy sprayer that resembles a cartoonish blue dinosaur
Monkey1.png Monkey 3 A bum-rush style hunter that becomes a statue and looks like a monkey
Mummy1.png Mummy 1,2,3 A bum-rushing servant creature and hunter resembling a baby mummy
PiggyGoat1.png Piggy Goat 1,2,3 A rammer that looks like a stout boar with exaggerated goat horns
RedWizard1.png Red Wizard 2,3 A hovering patroller that shoots energy bolts and looks like a legless wizard
Sarcophagus1.png Sarcophagus 1,2,3 A spawner that resembles a hopping Egyptian coffin
SmallFrog1.png Small Frog 1,2,3 A small green horde creature resembling a frog
Sniper1.png Sniper 1,2,3 A stationary long-range attack creature that looks sort of like a tall armless mummy
SniperSargent1.png Sniper Sargent 3 A stationary long-range attack creature that resembles an armless mummy wearing a pointy hat
Snitch1.png Snitch 2,3 A stationary hovering hazard sphere that projects multidirectional lasers
Spinner1.png Spinner 2,3 A melee hunter that moves by spinning tornado style and resembles a warrior with a sledgehammer
Tarak1.png Tarak 2,3 A stationary floating hazard creature that sprays energy projectiles and looks like a small spinning lizard
TeenMummy1.png Teen Mummy 1 An elite variant of the Mummy that only appears during the Pharaoh Boss Fight.
Tug1.png Tug 2,3 A patroller that moves by rolling/bouncing around the room and resembles a pillbug or turtle
Warrior1.png Warrior 1,2,3 A melee hunter that looks like a large pear-shaped humanoid with a giant club
Xylak1.png Xylak 2,3 A long-range energy shooter that resembles an armored lizard-man
Yhy1.png Yhy 1,2,3 A horde creature resembling a small biped with the head of a cobra