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Neith, Goddess of Hunting

Neith, Goddess of Hunting, is one of the Favors in the game Immortal Redneck. Neith is unique among the Favors in that she grants a change to critical hits; namely, she increases the Redneck's chance to critically hit by a flat 10%, and his critical hit damage bonus by a flat 20%. She also provides a small bonus to max health and attack, but also a sizable penalty to both speed and defense. That speed penalty, combined with Neith's passive that increases damage over distance and the fact that she provides a Sniper Rifle, cuts out a fairly clear niche for the Huntress. Precision aiming over a distance is heavily rewarded by Neith, but the Tranquilizer Gun allows the Redneck to hold his own in close quarters as well by freezing enemies in place. The increased critical damage makes Neith the potentially most damaging Favor, but her kit is weaker against enemies that try to close the distance and she provides no real answer to hordes of enemies.

Equipment and Abilities[]


Tranquilizer Gun[]

Description: A gun with a slow rate of fire that, when it hits, freezes the target for a few seconds.

  • Damage Multiplier: ~0.2
  • Magazine Size: 5
  • Ammo Capacity: 16
  • Reticle Bloom: Yes
  • Effective Range: Long

Burst Machine Gun[]

Description: An SMG that fires in 6 round bursts. It has very high recoil that moves the reticle upward, so the player must compensate to not waste ammo.

  • Damage Multiplier: ~0.16 per bullet, ~0.96 per burst
  • Magazine Size: 30
  • Ammo Capacity: 120
  • Reticle Bloom: No
  • Effective Range: Medium-short

Sniper Rifle[]

Description: A high powered rifle that has a low rate of fire and no aiming reticle. By holding down the fire button, the Redneck will aim down the sights of the rifle.

  • Damage Multiplier: ~0.7
  • Magazine Size: 4
  • Ammo Capacity: 16
  • Reticle Bloom: N/A (No Reticle)
  • Effective Range: Very Long


Active Skill: Summons a Falcon that tracks down enemies and flies through walls to chase them, dealing damage when it collides with one.

Passive Ability: Damage is increased the further the Redneck is from the target.

Skill tree upgrade: Increase the damage of the Falcon.


HP: +9% bonus

Attack: +10% bonus

Speed: -20 point penalty

Defense: -10 point penalty

Crit chance: +10 point bonus

Crit damage: +20 point bonus


Neith wants you to keep as much distance as possible, with her highly accurate and powerful weaponry and damage bonus over distance. Should the Redneck be forced into close combat, the Tranq combined with the Burst Machine Gun can make quick work of individual enemies, but Neith has no weapon effective against hordes, as her burst machine gun has heavy recoil that make it difficult to bring to bear against a large group of enemies and her Falcon only damages a single enemy per use, though it does a very large amount of damage. A high priority should be to replace the unreliable Burst Machine Gun with something a bit more consistent. The Tranq gun is always useful to have, since it can disable dangerous enemies or make lining up a shot with your other weapons a simple thing. If you want a slow, high-damage character but aren't interested in sniping from across the room, Apis might be a better choice.


  • Neith is the only Favor that changes every stat from the basic Redneck class.
  • The way Neith's passive works is nearly identical to the item Lump of Coal from The Binding of Isaac.

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