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There are 100 Scrolls or scroll modifiers in the game.

List of scrolls[]

Agility Agility Icon.png Grants you an additional jump. Apis cannot find this scroll.
Carnivor Carnivor Icon.png Meat will recover more health.
Artillery Man Artillery Man Icon.png Ammo boxes grant more ammunition.
Payday Pay Day Icon.png Increases the value of gold drops.
Telekinesis Telekinesis Icon.png Increases the range for picking up items
Dracula Dracula Icon.png You recover health every time you kill an enemy, but meat no longer gives you health
Radionic Glasses Radionic Glasses Icon.png Shows enemies on minimap.
Compass Compass Icon.png Reveals special rooms.
Mr Wayne Mr. Wayne Icon.png Increases the fire rate of your weapons.
Bull's Eye Bullseye Icon.png Increases weapon accuracy.
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis Icon.png Each shot has a small chance of transforming a henchman into a defenseless chicken.
Lucky Shot Lucky Shot Icon.png Doubles your chances of a critical hit.
Lucky Vessels Lucky Vessels Icon.png You can now find items in vessels. Items include gold, health, and ammo.
Shield Shield Icon.png Increases defense stat.
Bloody Upgrade Bloody Upgrade Icon.png Increases maximum health by 30%.
Jackpot Jackpot Icon.png A lot of money
Refill Refill Icon.png Refills all ammo and health
Fast Fingers Fast Fingers Icon.png Reduces active skill cooldown time
Flash Flash Icon.png Increases your movement speed
Explorer Explorer Icon.png Reveals the map of the current floor
Expiration Date Expiration Date Icon.png Rewards take longer to disappear
Empathetic Empathetic Icon.png Enemies receive damage when damaging you
Speedrun Speed Run Icon.png Jumping grants you a temporary speed bonus
Blessing Blessing Icon.png Gets rid of bad scrolls
Tortoise Tortoise Icon.png Your defense is higher when attacked from behind
Froyo Froyo Icon.png Chance of freezing the enemy with each hit
Berserker Berseker Icon.png Weapon damage increases when health is low
Cool Guy Cool Guy Icon.png No friendly fire
No Thanks No Thanks Icon.png You can reject the next scrolls
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter.png Chests give more rewards
Troll's Feet Troll's Feet Icon.png Lava, Poison, etc. can't hurt you
Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Icon.png You can carry an additional weapon
Lucky Luke Lucky Luke Icon.png Infinite ammo in the current floor
Bullet Back Bulletback Icon.png Every two consecutive shots on target recovers one bullet
Turret Mode Turret Mode Icon.png Your attack increases if you stand still
Infinite Ammo Infinite Ammo Icon.png Small ammunition boxes are replaced with larger ones.
Critigold Critigold Icon.png Critical hits release a gold coin
Critihealth Critihealth Icon.png Every critical hit recovers a little health
Critiammo Critammo Icon.png For each critical hit you recover 1 bullet
Panic Panic Icon.png The less health you have, the faster you move
Rambo Rambo Icon.png Improves your Attack
Wildcard Wildcard Icon.png Improves all your stats
Plentiful Plentiful Icon.png Increases your attack if you have full health
Acrobat Acrobat Icon.png Increases your Attack in the air
Heavy Bullets Heavy Bullets Icon.png Increases knockback on enemies
God's Loyalty God's Loyalty Icon.png The weapons of your god have an attack bonus
Wall Ray Vision Wall-Ray Vision Icon.png You can see the enemies through the walls
Trap Disarmer Trap Disarmer Icon.png Deactivates traps
Disease Disease.png Decreases enemy health
Fugitive Fugitive Icon.png Allows you to run backwards
Smart Pocket Smart Pocket Icon.png Weapons will automatically reload when they are not active
Big Pouch Big Pouch Icon.png Increases ammunition capacity of your weapons
Let Me Breathe Let Me Breathe Icon.png After receiving damage you become invincible momentarily
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter Icon.png Kill all the enemies on the floor and receive a gold bonus
Elevator Elevator Icon.png The stairs on this floor take you up 2 floors
Poisoner Poisoner Icon.png Small chance of poisoning the enemy
Good Guy Good Guy Icon.png An Illuminati will follow you and help you on your adventure
Phoenix Phoenix Icon.png Every time you shoot there's a chance you may create a phoenix
Din's Fire Din's Fire Icon.png Any time you receive damage a dome of fire will automatically appear around you
Clover Clover Icon.png Good scrolls are more likely to appear
Not Now Not Now Icon.png You can't cancel reloads by changing weapon
What're You Buying What Are You Buying- Icon.png Replaces one of your weapons with a random new one
Shit ScrollPicked icon shit.png You get nothing! Good day sir!
Rage Rage Icon.png You inflict more damage, but you receive more damage
Damn WHO Damn WHO.png 70% chance of getting meat instead of gold
Lord of War Lord Of War Icon.png Meat will also give you ammo
Nitro Vessel NitroVessel Icon.png Vessels are now explosive
The Martian The Martian Icon.png Gravity becomes like it is on Mars
Sorry Not Sorry Sorry, Not Sorry Icon.png Replaces all of your weapons with random new ones
Cursed Favor Cursed Favor Icon.png Increases your attack, but you can only carry one weapon
Wall Street Wolf Wall Street Wolf Icon.png Doubles your money but you lose 75% of your current health
Nitro Enemies Nitro Enemies Icon.png Enemies explode when they die
Fireman Fireman Icon.png Explosions do more damage, even to yourself
Blood Offering Blood Offering Icon.png You lose 50% of your health in exchange for 2 scrolls
Double Edge Double Edge Icon.png Your weapons inflict more damage, but have less maximum ammo
Blindfolded Blindfolded Icon.png Your weapon's crosshairs are no longer visible
Vertigo Vertigo.png Decreases your jumps by one
Bad Investment Bad investment Icon.png You lose 20% of your current gold
Slowpoke Slowpoke Icon.png Increases active skill cooldown time
Slug Slug Icon.png Reduces your movement speed
Clean Slate Clean Slate Icon.png Deletes all scrolls collected
Novice Novice Icon.png Decreases weapon accuracy
What's The Rush What's the rush Icon.png You run instead of walking
The Air is Lava The Air is Lava Icon.png Jumping in the AIR will hurt you
Coward Coward Icon.png Attacks from behind will inflict more damage on you
You Snooze, You Lose You Snooze, You Lose Icon.png Weapons on the floor will disappear when you leave the room
Caution, Wet Floor Wet Floor Icon.png You can't remain still
Loose Hands Itchy Trigger Finger Icon.png If you miss a shot, you lose an additional bullet
Amnesia Amnesia Icon.png The minimap only shows the last visited rooms
Emergency Landing Emergency Landing Icon.png From now on you will receive damage from falling
Procrastinator Procrastinator Icon.png You can not reload on demand
Weak Bullets Weak Bullets Icon.png Enemies do not stop when receiving damage
Cursed Weapons Cursed Weapons Icon.png You can't switch weapons while you have ammo
Please Try Again Please Try Again Icon.png Resets the floor
Hieroglyph Master Hieroglyph Master Icon.png The game font changes to hieroglyphs
Second Chance Second Chance Icon.png You come back to life with full health after you die
Accuracy Accuracy Icon.png Your attack increases as long as you don't miss a shot
Pacifism Pacifism Icon.png You lose a weapon at random
Boss Slayer Boss Slayer Icon.png Bosses have less health
Level 5 Vegan Level 5 Vegan Icon.png Removes your weapons except the current one. Grants infinite ammo until a new one is dropped or equipped
Love is Blind Your health bar becomes invisible