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Seth, God of Storms

Seth, God of Storms, is one of the Favors in the game Immortal Redneck. Seth is the most offensive-minded Favor in the game, with the same 20% damage bonus as Apis but without the plodding speed penalty. Instead, Seth grants an 18% health penalty and a painful 17 point penalty to defense. Also unlike Apis, Seth grants weaponry for all situations. The Tesla Coil is a standout weapon, one of the most reliable in the entire game, with pinpoint accuracy at any range, solid damage, and arcing electricity to handle groups of enemies with ease. Seth's other weapons, the Taser Sword and Electric Flamethrower, are both high-power as well, and his active ability deals damage to everything in a large sphere all around the Redneck. Also, his passive ability to deal damage to any enemy that damages the Redneck means that Seth can afford to be a bit careless at times. Seth grants very offensively powerful abilities and weapons, but his defensive capabilities are somewhat wanting.

Equipment and Abilities[]


Taser Sword[]

Description: Fires a piercing arc of energy, thus it is capable of hitting multiple enemies if properly aimed. Can still be used as a melee weapon with or without ammo.

  • Damage Multiplier: 0.5
  • Magazine size: N/A
  • Ammo capacity: 12
  • Reticle bloom: None
  • Effective range: Medium-long with ammo. Very short without ammo

Tesla Coil[]

Description: A pistol which fires highly accurate bolts of electricity which, upon hitting an enemy, arc to nearby enemies. Works well for clearing out large groups of weak enemies.

  • Damage Multiplier: .28
  • Magazine Size: 6
  • Ammo Capacity: 25
  • Reticle Bloom: Yes
  • Effective Range: Long

Electric Flamethrower[]

Description: A flamethrower-like weapon that fires clouds of ionized gas. Each shot uses two ammo and fires a cloud that damages the target twice on contact. Range is limited but damage output is high on continuous fire. Resembles the Reegar Carbine from Mass Effect 3.

  • Damage Multiplier: ~.18
  • Magazine Size: N/A
  • Ammo Capacity: 280
  • Reticle Bloom: None
  • Effective Range: Short


Active skill: Summons a sphere of electric energy that expands outward from the Redneck and then shrinks back down until it vanishes. It deals damage to every enemy it collides with, both going out and coming in.

Passive ability: When an enemy damages the Redneck, they take damage based on the Redneck's current Attack stat.

Skill tree upgrade: Increases the size the electric ball expands to, and increases its damage.


HP: -18% penalty

Attack: +20% bonus

Speed: No change

Defense: -17 point penalty


Seth grants a monstrous offensive presence, with high attack power and strong weapons right out of the gate. The Tesla Coil, should the Redneck pick up a Cursed Favor scroll, is more than capable of handling every situation he encounters with its combination of solid damage, high accuracy, and crowd-clearing abilities- its only drawback is its limited ammo pool. The Taser Sword can be finicky, since large chunks of the projectile will vanish on collision with anything. However, it does a massive amount of damage, and can still be swung as a melee weapon when it's out of juice, meaning that, combined with the damaging active skill, Seth has very little concerns about ammo conservation. The Electric Flamethrower is not quite as impressive as Seth's other weapons, but it can be a reliable horde-clearing weapon despite its wonky hitboxes. As his Favored weapons are all very strong, finding a God's Loyalty scroll can be extremely effective. Seth is a good option for players who enjoy an aggressive playstyle and wish to reduce their reliance on randomness, since his initial weapons are extremely well-rounded and powerful, so he doesn't really need to worry about finding upgrades. He grants the least staying power of any Favor, however, meaning that the Redneck will die more easily without the options a more defensive Favor provides. Thoth, while he has even lower health and defenses than Seth, has a heightened mobility to help him avoid damage more easily- Seth just has to kill the enemies before they kill him, for the most part.

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