Immortal Redneck Wiki
Base Health 37
Base Defense 0
Base Attack 18
Base Drop Multiplicator 1
Hit Stop Mass 40
Gold Drop 3-5

The Snitch is an enemy in the game Immortal Redneck. It is a spherical creature with insect-like features, including gray mandibles and tiny legs resembling a scarab's legs. It also has 4 golden wings that it uses to hover.

The Snitch never moves from its general spawning position, instead hovering at a set altitude at all times, regardless of the player's position. It projects 10 orange lasers around itself, which reach from the Snitch itself to any target they encounter (or a wall). These lasers will only stop projecting if the Snitch is stunned or destroyed.

Attacking the Snitch until it falls does not kill it; the Snitch enters a sort of "stunned" state, where it drops to the floor, motionless, for a few seconds. The player must then shoot the stunned Snitch enough times to completely kill it before it recovers, at full health, and goes back to hovering and projecting lasers.

The Snitch appears in the second and third pyramids. It has no elite version.

TRIVIA: The Snitch's name may be an homage to the Harry Potter item of the same name, as both are flying spheres with golden wings.